Pleasure of God, Part 1

This is the first part in a series on how my life has shifted since I chose to live in the knowledge that I was not created to please man or woman. I was designed to please the Father. It is my hope that you understand that you were designed for the same thing!

Free to love and respect myself. 

I recognize that my gifts, talents, personality, and characteristics were positioned and balanced in me for the purpose of glorifying God, edifying the church, serving the community, and pursuing the call on my life and ministry. They are not here for the satisfaction of others or to make them happy with me. This frees me to stop feeling like I’m not enough or don’t measure up. This frees me from comparison because I believe it when it says I was fearfully and wonderfully made – just as I am. God designed me; he does not make mistakes. He is well-pleased.

This includes my appearance. The shape of my face, curve of my hips, size of my waist, or the length and color of my hair are not to be treated as if they are traits meant to be aesthetically pleasing to anyone, but my husband, nor are they meant to meet cultural standards. My features reflect my heritage and are indicators for me about my own health. My body was designed to bear precious children and to live a long and full life. I no longer have this need to be leaner, look younger, or achieve certain proportions. I can now accept and appreciate everything about me.

For those reasons, I no longer concern myself with the opinions of others – including my own. I distance myself from those whose would disrespect or objectify me. I love who I am. And it feels GOOD!

It is a liberating feeling to be me and not be ashamed or feel like I just don’t measure up. It is an incredible feeling to know that I am here for the King of Kings, the Creator of the world designed me and all that is in me to fulfill his purpose!

You were designed for his pleasure too! If you have struggled with accepting yourself with all of your perfectly human flaws or if you have constantly compared yourself to another please know that you ARE enough! Leave the “If only I was….” and the “I’ll never make the cut…” language behind. There is a calling on your life to do something wonderful. Believe in that. And soon all of your mistakes and “flaws” won’t matter.

Don’t take my word for it:

  • Psalms 139:14
  • Psalm139:16
  • Jeremiah 1:5
  • Ephesians 2:10
  • Colossians 1:16
  • Revelation 4:11
  • Romans 12:6-8
  • 1 Peter 4:10-11
  • 2 Corinthians 10:12
  • 1 Corinthians 15:10

There are dozens of verses in scripture that can be found to affirm that you and I are perfectly imperfect and here for a reason.

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