I decided, I’m over the body race…

So today I decided. My body is what it is. And I choose to love it. I’ve given birth to 2 amazing, healthy girls. Recovered from 2 C-sections, and I’ve been “skinny” and back again. Goodness, I’m over the constant race to be better looking, to be thinner. I’m over me being my worst body critic. I decided today, I am done with the scale. It sounds cliche but that dang number doesn’t represent my heart or my mind. Today I love my curves, I love my skin, I love my shape. And today I know that none of those are a representation of who I am anyways. 

I think women (Or I) sometimes feel this pressure to look a certain way because for some women it’s a source of income and admiration. WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE. Today I am cool with that. And I’m cool with knowing that my mind, my heart, and my talents will be what takes me places. And I’m cool with all the women whose bodies take them places and I’m over ever feeling less than because we are different. 

I also will not apologize for being too vulnerable right now. Someone is having the same struggle I’ve had for over 5 years and you need to know you are BEAUTIFUL!! I say this myself and to you: Be healthy, take care of yourself, your food is your medicine, enjoy the wine, know your strengths, and KNOW that your body is beautiful, just the way it is and no one has lived a life like you and we won’t all look alike. 💕💋 #overthebodyrace #everybodybeautiful #curves #beauty

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