My List of Top THREE’s!

As I reflected on my last year there were SOOO many things I wanted to write and share. But where to begin?

The big 33 seemed like a perfect reason to share a list of my favorite things of my 32nd year, the top 3’s of course!

Best life decisions:

  • Forgive & Let Go Though. WOW – the freedom!
  • Love myself. Recognize and love who God made me. You  can read any of my Pleasure of God series or start with this one for more insight: On being your true self…
  • I decided, I’m over the body race… and threw away the scale. I haven’t been on the scale since and I feel so much better about myself not looking at those numbers.

Favorite albums – based on how many songs on the record I like:


Favorite podcasts:

Favorite places:

  • New York, NY
  • FGCU campus and its vicinity – learning, laughter, and lunches (with the best people)
  • Bunche Beach, FL

Favorite reads:

Top beauty tips:

  • Eat your veggies  – I decided to go plant-based a few months ago but you will want to after watching What the Health!
  • Moisturize! I used Dr. Jarts BB Cream  as foundation in the winter and found this AHHHHmazing moisturizer from Skin Authority.
  • Get routine sleep and practice a night-time stretching and relaxation ritual.

I love to laugh, so my favorite comedians:

  • Dave Chappelle (both), The Age of Spin,  Netflix
  • Jerrod Carmichael, HBO
  • Hasan Minaj,  Homecoming, Netflix

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