Let Go Though

God, I can't even count the hours, that I have used my mental space and time to replay moments from the past or daydreaming about some far off future - after all my success from persistent, hard-work of course. All of that time spent in a whole other time zone, missing out on today. LET GO! It may sound cliché, but while you are stuck back there or your eyes are fixed on years from now, you are definitely missing today's blessing and opportunity! And today's blessing and opportunity may even give you some healing and clarity on the past. And a new hope for the future.

Pleasure of God, Part 3: Free to Love Others

When you love and care for others it is inevitable that at some point you will feel loss, rejection, disappointment, hurt, or pain. It is the human condition. That's the risk one takes when they let people in or put themselves out there. Why else do so many swear off love, keep people at a distance, or avoid getting involved in community or fellowship? They've been hurt.