What do you DO?

Sometimes, when I feel down this statement comes in and I begin to feel even worse. I begin to question my talent, my education, my gifts, my identity. Usually comparison comes swiftly. But this morning I have had enough. I’ll answer that question in less than 15 minutes

Good Enough to be Tempted

Here’s the deal; temptation is real. It comes in many forms. It can come as addiction, flashback to our pre-Jesus days, distractions, hedonism, materialism, egoism, lust, pride and more. We can fall to it and let sin win. We can be afflicted by it yet stand strong. But first we have got to recognize its existence and significance in our lives. The world is constantly tempting you and pulling you away from God's purpose for your life, so much so that you end up thinking it's you. You think it's a natural "stage" of life. You may even end up believing that is how you were made and just accepting the condition of your mind and emotions.

Who said we have to do it all?

As I sat in my truck one evening after an overwhelming, non-stop day and realized that at 6 pm on a weekday I still wouldn’t be relaxing for several more hours I asked God for strength… I received another question instead: “Who said you had to do it all anyways? WHO?”

Let Go Though

God, I can't even count the hours, that I have used my mental space and time to replay moments from the past or daydreaming about some far off future - after all my success from persistent, hard-work of course. All of that time spent in a whole other time zone, missing out on today. LET GO! It may sound cliché, but while you are stuck back there or your eyes are fixed on years from now, you are definitely missing today's blessing and opportunity! And today's blessing and opportunity may even give you some healing and clarity on the past. And a new hope for the future.